Weight Loss Success Story – Ryan lost 108 pounds  

Weight Loss Success Story – Ryan lost 108 pounds

Weight Loss Success Story – Ryan lost 108 pounds

Hi there! My name is Ryan and this is my weight loss success story.

Nitty Gritty: 

  • Starting weight: 275lbs (2010) – although I know I’ve weighed heavier than this at other times of my life.
  • Current weight: 167lbs (pre-holidays), which is about 7ish lbs more than my comfortable maintenance weight. My ultimate goal weight is 150lbs, but I’ve never actually gotten there.
  • Starting sizes: 26 in pants, XXL in shirts
  • Current sizes: 10 in pants, 6/8 in dresses, S/M in shirts
  • My body has changed between 2012-now, but I lost the majority of my weight between 2010-2012.

My mentality about everything has evolved, much like my sense of style (see above), into something that’s much more fitting for me. But the one thing that has always been of the utmost importance to me is sustainability. It has never been about dieting for me. It’s always been about being just a little bit healthier.

To make this sustainable, I’ve always made small changes. Below, you’ll find bullet points describing just how my thinking has changed.



  • At first, it was switch this snack out for a healthier one, stop eating out, change out this bread for a multi-grain bread, etc.
  • Then I moved into making the same three or four recipes and being completely bored with food while losing most of the weight.
  • Slowly, I learned how to cook/follow a recipe that was both healthy and delicious.
  • I learned weekly food prep keeps me en pointe because I always have good-for-me foods at hand.
  • I’ve counted calories and macros on and off, but that didn’t start until I was trying to lose the last 10lbs or so (not until after I lost 100+lbs).
  • This summer, I finally (FINALLY!) figured out how to intuitively eat. Something just clicked. I have the healthiest outlook on food that I’ve ever had. There are times I might overeat, but I don’t binge on foods anymore.
  • I’m currently paying attention to macros, but mostly trying to eat balanced meals that work for my body type (protein and veggies/fruit at every meal, low carb-ish).


Working out: 

  • In the beginning, I basically did jumping jacks and movements in the privacy of my own room because self-conscious.
  • Then I started doing a pilates video at home.
  • Then I found a gym buddy, and did lots of walking on a treadmill. In fact, I told said gym buddy that I would NEVER run (ha!).
  • But, of course, I started running. Slowly and a little at a time with Couch to 5K.
  • I ran lots of 5ks.
  • Then I ran a half-marathon . Then I ran my second half and trained for a marathon that would eventually be canceled. I was burned out on running, but I still ran another half and PRed.
  • Between March and when I started training for the 2014 Dallas Marathon, I followed a lifting program (Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer) and I fell in love with lifting.
  • August brought on marathon training. I ran another half and trained/completed a full marathon.
  • Currently, I’m searching for the perfect balance of cardio and lifting plus fun (because this has absolutely become my main hobby).
  • Working out can still feel like a chore, even after doing it consistently for four years, but much less so now. Plus, I almost always feel better afterwards.



  • As I said, sustainability has always been key for me. Will I eat french fries when I’m 80 years old? Of course. So I’m going to eat them now, but in moderation.
  • Its taken me four years to figure out how to moderate, but I am moderating my food pretty well most of the time (I’m looking at you, Christmas cookies). I’m sure this will come and go, but I’m going to ride this wave while I can.
  • I have always loved food. As such, I have always tried NOT to feel guilty about things I ate, even when I was in my beginning weight loss days, but that didn’t always happen. I’m even better at this now.
  • I can’t tell you that I only think of food as fuel, because I enjoy it so much, but I am very conscious about the kinds of foods that work best for me.
  • From the beginning, I’ve told myself one misstep (whether its a less-than-stellar food choice or a missed workout) won’t define me. It won’t send me off the rails, because this is not a diet . This is life and its not perfect.
  • Additionally, I knew going into this I wasn’t aiming for a “perfect” body (not that one really exists). I just figured I’d lose 25lbs and feel better…then 25 more…then 25 more…and so on.
  • Around 2012 I went from wanting to just lose weight to setting fitness goals and I think that’s when this officially became a “lifestyle change.”

Has it been perfect? No. Do I wish I could lose some fat/weight? Sure. But…

  • I’ve learned SO much about myself – the good, the bad, and the ugly. The bad/ugly only gets better if you can recognize it and grow from there.
  • I’ve become incredibly in tune with my body – how it responds to foods, exercise, medicine, everything, etc.
  • I’ve made new friends and met new people, because I felt more confident about putting myself in new and unfamiliar situations.
  • I am a better person for it. Not because I’m healthier, but because this journey has forced me out of my comfort zone and I’ve accomplished things I literally never thought I could do (namely: lose 100lbs and run a marathon – let alone four half marathons).

In short, I’ve become the person I always thought I was. To me, the outside finally matches the inside.


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