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What is Bioperine and How Does it Help Weight Loss?

What is Bioperine and How Does it Help Weight Loss?

Take a look at the label on your bottle of diet pills, and you might find the ingredient bioperine listed. While not as known an ingredient as hoodia for appetite suppression or guarana for speeding the metabolism, most weight loss companies are finding that bioperine offers essential aid to dieters when taken in supplement form.

But what is bioperine, and how does it help one lose weight?

Simply put, bioperine is an extract of pepper. That’s right. Bioperine comes from black pepper and special long peppers harvested in southeast Asia. In this extracted form the bioperine is its most potent.

While shopping for weight loss aids, you may have noticed some supplements include some form or another of a pepper extract. This is because peppers have been found to better assist the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals into the blood. Pepper extracts are enhancers, in effect, and in the case of bioperine it is believed to increase the potency of other ingredients contained in diet pills, like amino acids and antioxidants.

Given this, it has also been found that bioperine aids in increased metabolism, which is helpful in burning fat. As for its role as a bioavailability enhancer, tests on bioperine have shown that the extract can increase the potency of beta carotene and vitamin C, among other essential nutrients.

As for side effects, there are no dramatic risks attributed to the use bioperine. However, anybody considering taking diet supplements to lose weight may be subject to various side effects associated with other ingredients. It is always helpful to consult a physician before taking any weight loss aid, regardless of whether or not they contain bioperine.

As a fat-burning ingredient, bioperine is medically proven to boost the absorption of other ingredients by 20 percent. This means that diet pills containing bioperine can be more effective than those without it. And when you’re dieting, any help you can get to kickstart your weight loss is welcome.

Bioperine is an extract from black pepper, or Piper nigrum. This plant has been used as a spice in India for thousands of years, and Ayurvedic medicine has long used bioperine as an anti-inflammatory aid.

Black pepper extract has only recently become popular in the United States, but in just a few years it has established itself as a must-have ingredient for many weight loss supplement companies.

How Bioperine Works

When you ingest bioperine, it stimulates the glands that produce stomach acid, which in turn speeds up the metabolism. When your stomach is empty, bioperine will kick start the digestive process. When your stomach is full after a meal, bioperine will draw out more nutrients from the food you’ve eaten. This helps you lose weight because it makes you feel fuller longer after eating and lets you get more benefit from what you eat each day.

This makes bioperine not only beneficial to dieters but also very useful for those with poor digestive systems or for people who want to get more nutritional benefit from their food. Another reason it’s beneficial to dieters is that it gets rid of excess water and waste by stimulating bowel movements in those who might be constipated.

Bioperine also works well with other weight loss supplements because it can speed up their effects on your body when taken together. It makes hoodia more effective as an appetite suppressant and helps guarana burn fat.

Bioperine is derived from black pepper, and once it was used mainly as a food additive or to add a bit of spice to bland foods. What researchers have found, however, is that bioperine can also aid in the absorption of nutrients and minerals into the body, thus speeding up their effectiveness. This is especially true when bioperine and other weight loss supplements are taken together.

For dieters, this means that bioperine speeds up the work of other diet supplements, such as hoodia and guarana. The less time it takes for these diet pills to work, the more effectively you’ll lose weight.

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